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Fangirl to Fiancé

*Next live version of Fangirl To Fiancé: Winter 2022*

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You're ready to release the perfect fantasy you've created in your mind and your heart for a relationship that's real. In 21 days, I'll guide you through the process of transforming yourself and learning the practical and emotional tools and techniques to go from fangirl to fiancé.

The Love Formula *LIVE*

Learn how to find love fast without dating apps.

Infinite Love

Get over your ex. Become radiant as f*ck. Attract love everywhere you go!

The Kickstarter Collection

Are you drained by demanding friends?

Do you attract the same types of narcissistic female friends on repeat? (and it hurts your heart deeply)

Do you only feel safe with very "feminine" men - the ones who feel like 'one of the girls' - but you crave to have a man who claims you?

Do you find it hard to receive - or even ask for - support?

Do you find it hard to stick to a routine? Are your finances out of line?

Are you afraid to be truly seen for who you really are?


  • Feeling supported and surrounded by incredible female friends who you trust and who give to you freely (and you give to them without obligation)
  • Feeling safe to be around masculine men who step up and protect you
  • Being all of who you are - your gorgeous, weird, wonderful, nerdy self!! And knowing that no matter what someone says, you can weather it. <-- as they say, that's a BAD BITCH
  • Have shit loads of motivation and understand the things in the way of mastering your money and your time
  • ...and finally forgive your parents for a shitty childhood? (I know it was hard. And, we have to let it go now.)

The Kickstarter helps you master 7 key areas in your relationships to become deeply seen, deeply loved and deeply known.

The 7 areas include:

  • The mother wound (women, support, receiving, self-worth)
  • The father wound (men, money, motivation, structure)
  • Opening your heart (support, receiving, feeling safe)
  • + 4 more

The Kickstarter collection includes:

  • 7 video trainings
  • 1 meditation
  • 100+ unique journaling prompts

You access the content right away and work through it in your own time, listening to the video trainings which are recordings of live groups - it's like you're in the room with me, and working through it with us with plenty of time to journal as you watch the videos.

I'm willing to bet you'll have at least one massive realisation after working through the journaling prompts. Which sounds like:

  • "Shit! I was attracted difficult friends because they were just like my mother. But I know what to do now."
  • "OH! I didn't feel safe with men because my Dad was kind of useless. That's okay - now I know what to do to move forward."
  • "I didn't feel safe to be myself, because I was scared of being bullied again. That makes sense. But I can move forward now and I know how to create beliefs that help me feel safe to be seen."

Safety. Worthiness. Forgivess. That's the path to being deeply seen, deeply loved, and deeply known.

If I haven't given you too many spoilers.... I invite you into The Kickstarter Collection.

(Please know this program is pure self-study, and this course doesn't include any extra support or access to Cheryl.)

Fangirl: The Origin Story *free training*

After Fangirl The Origin Story, you’ll learn:

  • Why you’ve felt such strong emotions towards your celebrity crush / favourite film & TV character / comfort character / FO.

  • The needs it's been meeting, and what this tells you about the type of relationship you want in real life.

  • How to get clear on what that relationship looks and feels like, and how to believe you're worthy of a partnership of that calibre.

So Your Celebrity Crush Found Love *free*

You've had feelings for an actor / athlete / public figure for a while.

They recently started dating someone or got engaged.

You want to be happy for them. But you're conflicted. It feels like seeing your man with another woman.

Logically you know this doesn't make sense. But you want to understand what you're feeling.

In this training I share 4 steps to help you overcome the feeling of your celebrity crush finding love.... and how to use this experience to find love for yourself.

After this training you will:

1. Know how to move through the difficult feelings of seeing your celebrity crush find love
2. Discover the 10 qualities you desire in a partner
3. Create action steps to become the woman who feels worthy of a partner of that calibre.

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