Fangirl to Fiancé

*Next live version of Fangirl To Fiancé: Fall/Winter 2022*
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You're ready for a relationship that's real. And you're ready to release your relationship to your celebrity crush or comfort character.

In 21 days I'll take you through my unique process to help you learn the tools and techniques to have real-life love. Here's what we'll cover in Fangirl To Fiancé:

Week One: Your Fangirl Foundation
You'll get clear on your current patterns with your celebrity crush, what you're doing daily, and how it feels. You'll start to understand what emotional needs this has been meeting within you, and what difficult emotions it's been masking. You'll use this information to create a list of the qualities you want in your ideal partner. And we kick-off Week One by creating a relationship goal to help motivate you to work your way through the modules.... your relationship north star.

Week Two: Emotional Excavation
This week we'll let go and clear the beliefs, emotions and mindset that's been holding you back and keeping you in a loop of fantasizing about your celebrity crush or comfort character. This has to be cleared, released and healed so that you're able to TRULY believe you're worthy of a relationship with a person with these incredible qualities. This week will be emotional, and afterwards you'll feel lighter, clearer, and like a weight has been lifted. It will prepare you for what's coming in Week Three.

Week Three: Becoming The Future Fiancé
We'll create a plan to help you to become the woman who's about to meet the love of her life. I'll teach you practical steps like communication and boundaries, how to remain calm and unattached when you start to like someone IRL, and we'll also create new beliefs and habits to become that woman inside and out. This helps you attract a partner who's on the same level as you, who has the qualities you crave, so you can build a healthy relationship that surpasses the one you've lusted over from behind the screen.

How it works:

  • You received a new module 5 days per week for three weeks.
  • Modules are audio trainings, 5-10 minutes in length, walking you through a specific aspect of your fangirl patterns and how to overcome them.
  • Modules include journaling prompts to help you to understand what you need and want in a relationship.
  • We have weekly live Q&A videos, hosted in a private Facebook group, where I give you personalized support and suggested action steps for each week's topic.
  • After the program closes, you no longer have access to me but you do have access to the course forever.


  • You receive access to my course The Love Formula (retails at £147) which gives you access to my 3-step formula for overcoming unhealthy patterns in love. It includes inner child meditations, video trainings and 100's of journaling prompts to help you heal and clear the past and become the woman who knows she's worthy of being loved and adored.
  • You also receive access to How To Regulate Your Emotions (retails at £27), to teach you the tools to feel better and nurture difficult feelings like sadness, fear and anger. This helps you to strengthen your toolkit and give you options to feel what you're feeling, instead of diving into fandom to numb what you feel.

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