The Sexual Signature Archetypes: Become the hottest woman in the room.

I believe that accepting our sexuality makes us more attractive.

I believe this attraction is because of our sexual energy. I call this sexual magnetism.

I believe the sexiest people on the planet are giving off their own brand of sexual magnetism.

And I believe the way to becoming the hottest woman in the room is to explore, accept, embody and empress your sexuality your own style, your flavour and your way.

This is what I teach you through The Sexual Signature Archetypes.

The Sexual Signature Archetypes leads you through tasks, challenges and prompts to help you:

  • Explore your sexual preferences and desires in a new and fun way

  • Accept the parts of your sexuality you previously felt embarrassed or ashamed of

  • Embody your sexual self to walk through the world as a confident, magnetically attractive woman


You also learn about the 4 Sexual Signature Archetypes:

  • Characteristics of this Archetype (likes + dislikes)
  • Common blocks & how to overcome it
  • How to Accept, Explore & Embody this archetype
  • Plus tasks, challenges, journaling prompts & powerful questions about each archetype to help you become a woman who is sexually magnetic to a high-level partner.

This is for the woman who is:

  • New to exploring her sexuality
  • Ready to become hotter and more magnetic
  • Single and deeply desiring her next relationship to be satisfying sexually as well as emotionally


After The Sexual Signature Archetypes course, you will have tools to:

  • Understand and accept what turns you on
  • Become radiant and magnetically attractive to a partner who's into the same stuff as you
    (no more dating Mr. Vanilla who's boring in bed)
  • Become confident in your own skin and feel amazing about your body and how it feels
  • Gain mastery over your own desire (rather than feeling trapped by your own thirst.... the new definition of #ThirstTrap)

*This course is pure self-study and doesn't include any extra support. It doesn't include access to Cheryl*

Modules for this course 2
YEP, I'm ready to become hot AF!

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